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This is talent mapping, simplified.

A DEV:Q Score is a three digit number that answers the question, "How do you work?" It represents two distinct characteristics of your work technique: Orientation and Preference.

Work Orientation, the left number, reflects the way that you like to approach work: The lower the number, the more you value execution. The higher the number, the more comfortable you are generating ideas.

Role Preference, the right number, reflects the types of roles that you feel most comfortable in. The lower the number, the more you are inclined to work alone, the higher the number, the more you thrive in a group setting.

This is like Moneyball for firefighters! These tools are absolutely essential for serious candidates, firefighters, officers and chiefs.
Steven Stein

This would be a good tool for an organizational leader trying to get a handle on how his support/management team works.
Mike Cardwell

Positive experience, I liked the depth of the assessment while being succinct. It creates a snapshot of how I work within an organization and areas best suited for my approach.
Krista Clark

In addition to identifying the kind of work to which I am best suited at this stage in my life, it identified the kinds of work to which I may not be well-suited.
Melissa Stone

I feel the score accurately reflects where I would expect myself to be as a Captain within our fire department.
Justin Temple

This was very helpful to me when updating my resume. Great tool!
Sonja Burrus

Pretty straight-forward. Pretty quick. Didn't feel like I was taking a long survey.
Vasanth Pappu

It put things in perspective from different angles.
Dorthea King-Simpson

I feel that this could be applicable to future employers who wish to get insight on their potential employees and where in the form they could have the most impact.
Grant Crider

It provided a much more authentic answer in my opinion, rather than the personality tests...
Michael Patterson

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Get a brand new perspective on what makes you a successful and what types of job roles your style is most successful in.

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