Match people to work.

Our performance-based career assessments provide an accurate prediction of how people like to work, insuring that the right workers get in the right roles to optimize team productivity and organizational goals.


Find and retain talent using data.

Assess a team, a department, an organization with talent mapping technology from LABORGENOME. We provide the following services:

Report Services

Assess an individual or a group to better understand how their work performance will align with your job requirements or leadership needs.

Purchase reports to see how their performance on the job compares to your expectations, a team, the median role for an industry, or a custom job role that you have designed.

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Platform Services

Our white-label, software-as-a-service data platform adds unique people analytics capability to your product or service mix. It is fully customizable, and it works on any device.

Use it to build a database of valuable intelligence on how to avoid bad hires, save on training costs, reduce turnover, develop employees and align a workforce with organizational goals.

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Professional Services

Work with our consulting partners to solve your toughest people problems with our data.

Bring us a criticial hiring or development challenge that you are currently experiencing, and we will show you a new perspective on how it can be solved in a measurable and repeatable way.

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We have helped these organization to solve complex talent problems, diminsh risk and optimize productivity with our data. How can we help you?

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A DEV:Q™ Score is a quick and easy way to understand how we make decisions, interact with people and approach tasks on the job. Take the free, 24 question assessment now and get a free report illustrating your approach to job performance.

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