Perspective Predicts Performance

We have synthesized behavioral science, management theory and organizational development research into a technology that can accurately predict job performance styles, team synergy and company alignment.

Designed for work.

Analyze workforce potential, using organizational and behavioral research to identify common patterns people use to coordinate tasks and engage teamwork.

What is a DEV:Q™ Score?

The Development Quotient, or DEV:Q™ Score, is a talent mapping indicator that identifies the technique that a person uses to make decisions, interact with people and approach tasks.

With an innovative, 24 questions assessment, the DEV:Q algorithm profiles distinct characteristics of work performance.

How do we use it?

Compare DEV:Q™ data to job requirements, existing personnel or general trends to determine a total level of alignment.

The result will be an illustration of how well an individual or group will match an organizational needs, from functional tasks, to desired team traits, to overall job roles.

What does it tell us?

DEV:Q™ targets performance. Identify operational working styles and position your people in areas that leverage their strengths and maximize your business.

Compare the results to KPIs in your business to quickly uncover actionable insights that will lead to significant cost savings and opportunities for sustainable growth.